Our Services

We provide a wide range of repair, installation, and adjustment services to keep your bike running in peak condition. Walk-ins are welcome for faster jobs, such as adjustments or flats. For more nuanced labor such as installing parts, we will ask you to leave the bike with us.

Prices for our commonly sold services are listed below. Please call us to inquire about any services not listed. Installation of related items (crank and bottom bracket, stem and bars) will be bundled together at a discounted rate.

Our standard turnaround is two business days. If you need your bike within 24 hours, it can be expedited for $24.

Assembly and Tune-ups


Singlespeed (BMX/Fixie) - $50
Geared (Road/Mountain) - $75
Time-Trial/Triathalon - $100+


Basic Tune-Up - $60
Advanced Tune-Up - $100
Complete Tune-Up - $140
Overhaul - $180


Box for Shipping - $60
Frame-up Build -$100+
Part Transfer (to new frame) - $100+